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Program Overview

Emergency Home Repair is a unique program designed to effect repairs which constitute a health or safety hazard to the occupants. The program has grown through the years from offering services in five (5) target areas to over sixty (60) targeted areas today. Such repairs as roof replacement, heat installation, water or sewer line replacement and electrical repair are major concerns of the program. Trained carpentry staff also assist in deteriorated floor and porch replacement and/or the installation of wheelchair ramps. The mission of the program is to provide these services to qualified home owners unable to afford such repairs, eliminating the possibility of accidents, illnesses and possible homelessness.

The Weatherization Program was designed in the 70’s during the energy crises and focused solely on the perseverance of the nations energy sources by sealing windows and caulking. While progressing through the next two decades with the same initial goal, added funds allowed more serious approaches with door installation, attic insulation, major air infiltration, caulking and glazing windows, and the installation of windows as required. Through technology, the trend for Weatherization in the late 90’s and currently has turned to the computer age. Computerized blower doors detect all air leakages in homes and calculates the most feasible and cost effective repairs. This era also has emphasized on health & safety concerns such as carbon monoxide sensors, open flame heaters removed, and smoke detectors to name a few.

Components of the Program

Emergency Home Repair

Objectives of the program:
The objective of this program is to eliminate specific health, safety and sanitary hazards for residents by improving the electrical and or plumbing, installing central heat, and contracting for roof repair. The program also provides self-help material to area residents capable of performing their own emergency repairs. The Agency’s services provide a safer and healthier environment for the income qualified homeowners in targeted Oklahoma City areas.

Qualifications and requirements:

  • Applicant must be a resident of the designated target areas in Oklahoma City.
  • An application for assistance must be completed.
  • The home being repaired must be occupied.
  • Copy of warranty deed must be provided to show proof of ownership.
  • Applicant must provide TOTAL yearly income of all persons occupying the home and/or on the warranty deed and meet income guidelines.
  • Requested repairs must be determined to be of an emergency nature.


Objectives of the Program:
The Weatherization program is designed to make your home more weather-tight and energy efficient by providing attic and wall insulation, minor roof repairs, replacing exterior windows and doors, window caulking, minor wall and floor repair, and weather stripping. The objective of the program is to have a significant impact by reducing energy consumption, lowering utility bills and making the homeowners house a more comfortable place to reside.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • You must be a resident of Oklahoma, Canadian, Cleveland, Caddo or Grady Counties.
  • Application for assistance must be completed.
  • Meet established income guidelines.

Priority Assessment Includes:
Age of resident, handicap, children, income level, fuel type and date of application.

Allowable Repairs:
Attic and wall insulation, necessary repairs to stop air infiltration, minor roof repairs, health and safety measures, (i.e. carbon monoxide testing and installation of carbon monoxide detectors).

Contractor Information

General contractors are urged to participate in the Home Repair Program. We contract roofing, central heat and exterior repairs to residential dwellings.We require that a Contractor Data Form be completed with current references. You must carry Worker’s Compensation as required by the state (we do not accept non-coverage cards) and carry liability insurance in the amount or $500,000 per item.



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